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Balancing Sequence for Fall

Balancing Sequence for Fall By Shannon Stephens, Yoga Medicine Teacher At the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the belief that we are a reflection of the world around us. Each season is marked by characteristics that can be seen in ourselves and in the natural environment. Grief is the emotion tied to the fall, […]

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5 Reasons to Practice Yin During the Fall

5 Reasons to Practice Yin During the Fall By Shannon Stephens, Yoga Medicine Teacher It’s officially Fall and with this new season comes an opportunity to welcome its offerings. In teaching Yin classes season after season, I’ve observed that attendance fluctuates depending on the time of year. Numbers decline during the spring and summer, more […]

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4 Simple but Powerful Practices that Can Change the Way You Perceive Stress

By Shannon Stephens, Yoga Medicine Teacher Stress is unavoidable. Balancing a career with family and meeting the demands that both present can feel overwhelming. Layer on conflict, sickness, tense situations, unforeseen crises, and all the big and little things that are beyond our control, and it’s easy to find ourselves wrapped in turmoil. While we […]

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Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! We are so delighted to launch our Routed Connection blog!! This will be the spot for us to share all kinds of content, subjects, adventures and insights. Routed Connection is a mobile yoga service that offers local and international yoga retreats, special events, and on-site classes for corporations, small and large. We provide […]

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